Block references do not show when using Pandoc to export to doc

Things I have tried

I have a mark-down file with block references.


In preview, it shows as expected. When I try to export with Pandoc:

 pandoc -s -o newFile.docx ""

It produces the above verbatim in the word doc.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to export my finished piece as rtf or doc as I need to further refine it. Before obsidian, I would use a mind map and add notes. Then I could export that into a word doc for refinement. A pdf does not work as it does not cut and paste into word or other tools I use for further refinement. Any ideas?

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What has worked for me is exporting to pdf and uploading it to Google Drive, right-clicking the file and then > Open with > Google Docs.

Layout does not always translate 1:1, but you can tweak your theme’s css to minimise indents from transcluded notes (search for ‘flush embeds’).

Thank you. It would be nice if they would offer a way to export from obsidian to other formats like rft, doc or html.

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