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Hi All,

I’ve now reached the point in my vault where I can start to cross-reference more heavily - however the behaviour is not quite as I hoped…

When block referencing a heading from another note, I would like the contents of the entire heading to be referenced in the new note, but it seems to keep getting cut off after a certain number of lines.
Am I doing something wrong, or is there somewhere I can alter this behaviour?



What I’m trying to do

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Thanks - I can see that this is probably what I need to do - what do I do with this (presumably) CSS code?
I’ve found the Snippets folder in Obsidian - what do I save the snippet as?!

Sorry for the simple questions!!

@midas0441 sorry - one last question, which one of the transclusions is the right one for the behaviour above?


Under Settings, Appearance, activate the snippet. If the snippet is in the correct folder, it should appear as one of the options to turn on.

I assume you mean which one of the snippets, not transclusions. I am unfortunately not at the computer right now to answer. I remember the Embeds.css file is well annotated and I picked up the portion that referred to a “clean” view of embeds (I think).

EDIT: I can confirm — the relevant portion of Embeds.css is called clean-embeds.

Thanks @midas0441 I actually got this working using Clean embeds on a vault-wide basis, alternative for Naked embeds below.

For those complete newbies (like me!) to get this to work you need to:

  1. Copy the CSS code from the GitHub page above
  2. Paste it into a NotePad document (Windows)
  3. Save as… whateveryouwanttocallit.css
  4. Open Obsidian > Settings > Appearance. In the CSS Snippets - click the folder icon and move your whateveryouwanttocallit.css file into it and then enable it
  5. You should now have complete block references in your document

Thanks to @midas0441 for the help

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I’m actually the author of “clean embeds”, the original source is in this forum post: Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks - #411 by Moonbase59

If anything changes, I will update only this post, it’s up to the friendly people collecting this stuff on their GitHub pages to also update their copy (not always an easy task).

So always good to take a peek at the original, too. :wink:

Glad that it could help you!

If you’re on WIndows, using Notepad might have some quirks. Let me hint you at Notepad++, which can do a lot more—and correctly.

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