Block links don't work for the end of long notes

Steps to reproduce

Type out the link for a really long note, add the ^, and then scroll through the list of every block in the note

Expected result

You should be able to scroll through the list of every block in the note.

Actual result

The list ends before the note ends meaning I can’t block quote the blocks at the end of the note.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Obsidian version: 0.12.10

Additional information

Is there any other way of block quoting? Preferably, I’d like to just create a block quote link while I’m looking at the note I want to link to, copy that link, and then paste it into the note I want to link from.

I may be misunderstanding, but to be sure I just wanted to share some text from Obsidian Help in case you may be confused about the option available to manually create the block id yourself as opposed to linking to the block via suggestions and having the block id generated by Obsidian. Anyways here are two quotes from the Obsidian Help section called Manual block IDs.

“If you want human readable block IDs, you can manually put ^your-id after a block. Make sure there’s at least one space if you’re putting the ID at end of a line.”

“After you add the block ID manually, when you refer to that block, your-id will be used instead of a randomly generated block ID.”

So you would be able to just paste or type that id if you wanted. Anyways, if you already knew this, no harm done. If not, I hope it helps. Good luck.


This is a misconception that has been reported several times.
What you see in popup menu after [[note^ is a suggestion list. It’s not meant to be an exahaustive list. If you have 1M blocks in that note we won’t create popup menu with 1M entries.
The more you type the more you refine the search.

Maybe there could be a small text at the bottom of the list saying something like “Only the first few blocks are suggested here. Type more to refine your search.”?