Block level filters in the local graph view

Hello All,

Thank you for the great app!!

I was wondering whether it is possible (helpful to others) to consider block-level filters in the local graph view.

For the context, while I’m drafting notes, I find it interesting to visualize some blocks on the local graph (e.g., headings, main ideas, etc.).

I can turn what I want to visualize on the local graph into links or tags. However, usually, I have several tags in a note, and I tend to turn them off.
Also, turning headings into links is not helpful, because you might not want to make the heading links; you might need to turn them back to text.

Also, the headings are often a few words, when I turn them into links, and although I pipe them (using ‘|’) to use a short title, the graph view displays the original link, not the title after the pipe.

I was wondering how useful it would be to add options in the (local) graph view (perhaps off by default) to filter on markdown blocks (headings, links, lists, etc.).


This request is a bit confusing. Perhpas you could use the mind map plugin.