Big synchronization problem

Hello to the team!

I have Obsidian on my smartphone (Android on Samsung A12) and on my laptom (Windows 10). I pay for Obsidian Sync monthly since june and I’m globally satisfied with this awesome software.

I have a big problem:
Usually, things work well. But this weekend, it began to happen. I realised that without warning me, Obsidian on my smartphone disconnected me from my vault (I have never asked to be disconnected, and I have never been noticed that this disconnexion happened, I discovered it when I saw that a modification I made on my smartphone didn’t appear on my computer). I don’t even know when it happened, or what I may have lost in the process…
I connected my smartphone to the vault again.

Then, today, Obsidian on my smartphone told me “we are listing files on your smartphone”. I realised that my smartphone… had me disconnected again! I didn’t ask for it either, and Obsidian never told me! I don’t even know when I was disconnected. I can modify files from my laptop then from my phone then from my laptop… I can’t afford disconnexions, I may loose some precious data. But when I connected it again on my smartphone and looked at the synchronisation on my smartphone, it looped indefinitely on the same files and folders. I tried to create a file on my smartphone, but as the synchronisation looped indefinitely on the same folders, the file never arrived on my computer.

Sorry, but it just cannot happen anymore, I trust Sync to synchronize stuff and I cannot waste an hour solving things and hoping that things are going to work well.

I need to make sure it won’t happen in the future.

What can I do to make sure it doesn’t disconnect anymore?

Thank you for reading me,

Looking further to read your answer,


I recommend emailing [email protected] for direct support.

Some people on the iOS 17.2 beta have had problems with disconnections. I don’t remember hearing about them on other operating systems, but if you search here or on the Discord you might find something.

This can happen when Android, or some cleaner up, delete some internal obsidian settings.

Hello to you,

I thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I will email Obsidian as you advised me to.

I have a question for you White Noise, what do you mean by “cleaner up”?

Thank you!