Big bug: Style issues in real-time viewing mode

The text appears’ < XXX > ', and all subsequent styles are lost.【 title, code block, etc. 】


:point_down: [To see the effect, markdwon will delete the outer ’ 'when editing]



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that’s not a bug. You are using an html block. you need to escape the angular brackets


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It’s too inconvenient. I have to write the escape character by hand when I write an article

A Markdown editor should not have this problem. Because it is real-time reading mode.

I think it is better to do the following [idea/ Typora] :



No, the real time reading mode is correct because
if you write <bean>, that’s an html tag and that creates and html block both in live preview and in the reader.

Typora has the right to do what they want but that is wrong spec-wise. If you take that markdown file and open it in another editor, it won’t show <bean> (as vscode shows).

Feel free to open a Feature Request to ask to diverge from the markdown spec for word enclosed in angular spec.

I know what you mean.
But the point is not whether the <bean> tag is displayed, but that it affects the display of what follows

Ok, we can improve on that a bit.

Appreciate it