BibNotes Formatter: New Plugin to Export and Format Annotations from Zotero into Obsidian

Yes, this was implemented quite a while back.

Screenshot 2023-04-10 142409

When entering the path to my Bibtex File, I get the following error when trying to update… I think it makes the slash wrong. It works, If I have it in the root directory.

I think its the same with the import folder. It just doesn’t import anything and the folder also is not created.

I use Windows.

has someone forked this and implemented some bug fixes, maybe ? I saw in the pull requests that there are some bug-fixes that seem to fix common problems (append comments, highlight-coloring, all due to minor typos in code, seemingly) but have not been merged yet by OP.

the features of the plugin seem really cool and some do work, but others don’t, unfortunately.

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Hello everyone. I reached out to OP. the pull requests got merged. GitHub Issue is here if anyone wants to chime in.
happy sunday!


hi @pikzim,

Thanks for trying to get this plugin alive and working. I’ve been trying to use it at is full potential but still various bugs stop me to rely 100% on it. Is there anyway I could help to get this project be more robust and properly work ?