Bib(la)tex bib file and bibliography generation


Can you add a support for parsing a *.bib file to enable use of citations “[@citation]” in (zettelkasten) notes? This would also be followed with a bibliography generation hotkey which could use, e.g. Pandoc to output a bibliography according to some citation style standard (CSL). Under-the-hood the command looks like:

pandoc -C -t plain --csl=example.csl --bibliography mybibfile.bib


we have a feature request section of the forum. Search and then post there. There are also some plugin available for latex.

Does the LaTeX support allow use of package declarations? For example, to access a bib file from a LaTeX code block I need to use a LaTeX package in the preamble, i.e.:



I can only find one LaTeX plugin:

It appears to use LaTeX environment declarations, but does not seem to support calling packages which is what is needed to be able to use LaTeX citation & bibliography generation capability.

I am also disappointed with your reply. Searching the forum returns:

There exists a plugin for Zotero integration and a “we would like to have Mendeley” wish:

But I am not talking about some third-party vendor support via a plug-in to Obsidian and I do not think “use a plugin” should be the go-to answer for what should be a basic feature of Obsidian. Yes, if this was a basic feature of core Obsidian it would make Obsidian terrific.

Also, the Mendeley plugin doesn’t exist and the Zotero plugin doesn’t support bib(la)tex data model. To use Zotero plugin I would have to install Zotero just to import my bib file in order to export to JSON for import into Mendely Obsidian plugin… Does that seem reasonable to you? No!

Obsidian is open source. LaTex/biblatex is too, and biblatex defines the data model of a *.bib file not a third-party vendor product! I do not see the point of using a third-party vendor software just so I can justify turning off safe mode to use a third-party Obsidian plugin. Why? Because you won’t add support for it in the core? OK, maybe Obsidian isn’t the software for me!

Also - I’m not asking for LaTeX support. Yes, you use bib(la)tex in a LaTeX document, but it’s not mandatory. LaTeX is for creating documents. To include a bibliography in a LaTeX document requires declaring use of a LaTeX package in the document preamble to access a *.bib file, but the LaTeX binary != bib(la)tex.

Lastly, if you have an issue with me making what appears to be a duplicate feature request then you are welcome as the moderator to lock this “duplicate” thread, but for the benefit of the community you should put a link back to any locked thread in the first feature request. If many users are requesting the same thing, maybe that’s telling you something. From what I can see nobody else is telling you to support bib(la)tex in the core and nobody is correcting you for lazily pointing users at some magic plugin which doesn’t address the details of the request in the first place…

Since you posted this thread in the Obsidian section, I just pointed you out that we have a feature request section for, guess what, feature requests.
I do not consider bib(la)tex as being a core feature.
Obsidian is used by non academics and not all academics use plain bib(la)tex files. Others use Zotero.
So I belive that what you are asking will be most likely implemented as plugin. It will for sure be implemented by a third party plugin first.

Obsidian is not opensource.