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Apologies if this isn’t an original idea but for ages I’ve been thinking it would be game changing to have a more Roam/Notion-like search and filtering system in Obsidian when dealing with tags. I know we can search for any tags in the normal search box, but this requires us to know exactly what we’re searching for ahead of time. With notion, when you search for a tag, it brings up a box that lists all the other tags that are also tagged alongside your original search. As you keep clicking more tags, the list gets smaller, so you can dig deeper into your notes quickly and seamlessly. I think this is a really generative way to manage and work efficiently with your notes and ideas. This is the only advantage I see Roam and notion having over Obsidian, but maybe we can replicate it with a plugin. I don’t have the knowledge to achieve this but I’d be very grateful if some clever person could make it happen.



It would also be great if you could compose such queries using the tag pane. This currently only works for one tag. When I click a second tag (maybe with Shift or Ctrl) it should not replace the first one in the search, but be added to it. And as you suggested, the tag list should be temporarily reduced to the tags actually found in the current search.

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So much this! +1

I really like the seperation between tags and pages in obsidian. Makes it easier to “think” and not pepper text with links to other things than actual proper notes. But, in order to make tags useful then one need to tag with all kinds of buzzwords. A note on AI could be tagged with #IT #tech #AI #AGI #intelligence etc. But if I later want to see what other notes could be linked with this note I would do a quick search on intelligence, then look on the tag pane which tags are associated. When number of tags grow large, this is crucial. That’s how I did it in Roam before transitioning and the one thing I miss the most, for example filtering out everything that had #daily to exclude my diary entries which usually was less than useful (but there’s a lot of diary entries).

To add to this plugin idea, tag aliases would be neat. Could be its own feature request/plugin idea though.

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This would be an awesome use of the tags pane. It’s great to think Obsidian already has the place for this; just need the more advanced functionality now. Thanks for your suggestion!

It’d great to filter notes out by tags too. Great ideas here, thanks. Obsidian is my note taking app of choice but this is one area where Roam is more advanced. It’s an important feature because it affects how easily you can access the right note/idea when you’re eventually working on some form of output.


Please build this, Obsidian!

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