Better search and filtering for tags in tags pane

Hi everyone,

I posted this as a suggested plugin but figured it might be an appropriate feature for the main app. It would be game changing to have a more Roam/Notion-like search and filtering system in Obsidian when dealing with tags. I know we can search for any tags in the normal search box, but this requires us to know exactly what we’re searching for ahead of time. With notion, when you search for a tag, it brings up a box that lists all the other tags that are also tagged alongside your original search. As you keep clicking more tags, the list gets smaller, so you can dig deeper into your notes quickly and seamlessly. I think this is a really generative way to manage and work efficiently with your notes and ideas. This is the only advantage I see Roam and notion having over Obsidian, but maybe we can replicate it with a plugin.

We already have a tags pane in Obsidian, so it would just require some new functionality there.



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