Better PDF Plugin on Android Mobile not displaying the pdf file

Things I have tried


I am able to use the “Better PDF Plugin” on my laptop and is able to display the pdf files in my notes.
However, when I accessed the notes in my android phone, it shows this message…
“ReferenceError: Buffer is not defined” and the pdf file is not displayed.
The rest of my notes contents are displayed properly.

Please advice.
Thank you.

What I’m trying to do

The plugin may not support mobile app? You should file an issue on the plugin’s GitHub.

Hi nhanjkl,
I am not tech savvy… where and how should I file the issue?

I guess you’re using this plugin right GitHub - MSzturc/obsidian-better-pdf-plugin: Goal of this Plugin in to implement a native PDF handling workflow in Obsidian?

This applies to any other plugin that you have issues: when you want to file a bug report for a plugin, go to its GitHub repository link (like the link above, or in the setting page, click here

Then go to the Issues tab and file a bug report

It may prompt you to create an account.

However, in your case, there’s already another person filing for the issue Doesn’t work on mobile · Issue #21 · MSzturc/obsidian-better-pdf-plugin · GitHub. You can (and should) create an account and make a comment their to voice your need.

Wow! A very detailed explanation. Thank you so much.
I have created an account at GitHub and added a comment to the issue.

Thanks again for your help.

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