Better graph, tweaks!

Here are some suggestions for improving the graph that I believe wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish:

  1. Better arrows in graphs. Why do arrows disappear sooner than text, and doesn’t light up the same way the line connection do? It would be great if it 1) doesn’t disappear when zoomed out at all and 2) light up with the line when a node is hovered.
  2. Able to filter orphans in groups, so that orphans can be of a different color.

If Obsidian could provide API methods for changing these things it would be great too!

Sorry, but why is this moved to “Help”? I have asked for help on the discord channel, and got replies saying that the graph is not that customizable. So I opened a feature request.

Firstly because I don’t think you searched for existing Feature Requests. I’m pretty sure both of these exist already.

And because you didn’t follow the template, or the guidelines to post one feature per thread.

Discussion is welcome in Help. People might have workarounds or suggestions for you. But FRs and Bugs need to follow the template, please.