Better attachment manager

I’ve been using obsidian for almost a year and while it has a very solid user experience for text-only notes I believe there is a wide margin of improvement regarding attachments, especially images, which in several cases are a significant role in the note-taking and learning experience.

The issues I encountered

I’m approaching my learning journey with the concept of atomic notes and for most of the concepts I tend to include at least a photo, diagram, plot, or any other type of image that help to explain the argument better and add value to the content of the note - although I’ve to admit it’s not rare that I include images or attachment that are not so valuable, but I guess better to have them than regret not having put them.

After the first year of university, in which I wrote 1500 notes, I accumulated more than 2300 attachments, which are all uploaded to my Imgur account thanks to the Imgur plugin.

Even though I somewhat liked that solution, in the last few months I started to see the drawback and the lack of Obisidian regarding attachment management.

First of all, in line with the Obsidian Total control, Local files principle, Imgur - or any other hosting service, except for self-hosted ones - is a security, privacy, and reliability source of concern. From one day to the other you could lose all the files, or someone else could potentially access your image library. Also, the service you’re based on could be down for a server issue, maintenance, or for some other reason, causing you to not be able to upload o view the images. And lastly, you are tied to always having an internet connection, both to read and to write a note.

With cloud-based solutions there are also other issues, for example, it’s complex, often impossible, to search and retrieve an old image to reuse in a note (or in some other context outside Obsidian). You end up, as a consequence, with multiple copies of the same resource in your hosting account, which makes the search for other photos even more tedious.

On the other side, the Imgur plugin (or any other solutions to host the images) makes it very easy to just paste a pic or a gif and just keep writing the note. You don’t have to worry about where to put the file, how you name it, or how much space it occupies. At the end of the day, you end up with a remarkably small size vault that you can easily backup on GitHub, dropbox, drive or send to others.

I would really like to move my image library from Imgur directly inside the vault (or even externally with a symbolic link) and manage all the binary files (embedded in and related to the notes) in the same environment, but as of now, I feel like the attachments manager of Obsidian is inadequate for more than some tens of files.

Some proposed implementations

Concluding reflection

I understand that almost all the solutions I proposed are the base function of a digital assets manager (DAM), and most of the attachment issues that I encountered are potentially solvable with a good DAM. However, I’m struggling to find a decent DAM that works well with Obsidian and that is based on plane folders.

I also acknowledge that some proposed solutions are already somewhat accomplished by some community plugins, nevertheless, some do not work and/or are not more updated, and generally speaking, I believe that an integrated solution directly in the Obsidian core, for such an important aspect, should be preferable.

I think that Obsidian by integrating some of the functionality of a digital assets manager could radically improve the current (in my opinion) poor experience for attachment-heavy notes and vaults.

Related feature requests


I agree with this wholeheartedly. There needs to be some way for obsidian to “remember” what note an attachment was first linked on, or at least iterate through the attachments linked to a note when moving and ask which ones (or all) you want moved with the note.

+1 on this

Hello Lorenzo,

I’m also looking for a better way to manage attachments. I found could work well with Obsidian. Out of the box it works but it could be enhanced with plugins

Having some basic DAM features for attachements in Obsidian would be a game changer.

Today I use an Library nested in my Obsidian Vault, which allows to embed assets in the Library in Obsidian. It’s not perfectly integrated and lacks for example permalinking, which means that editing the name of the file in Eagle will result in Breaking the Embed in Obsidian.

Some basic DAM features as Metadata or direct tagging (or all features listed by Lorenzo) would be a wonderful USP for Obsidian concerning the integration and handling of attachments. It’s still relevant today.

Alternatively a deep integration with a DAM as would be already helpful

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Linked to Use the current note name in the attachment subfolder name - #38 by purplebrackets

I understand the sprit of this FR but it is too broad and too meta to be actionable. I am gonna move this to plugin ideas and I suggest support the individual FR present in this forum.

I think the closest viable FR is Automatic image and attachement management, and I am not sure we wanna move to a note-level attachment as apposed to the current vault -level management, but we’ll see.

While this FR shows a very broad palette of possible improvements which sound very valid, all what Obsidians attachment manager would need is:

  • rename ( using the note title + Counter)
  • share note images with default image app ( on Mac : Preview)
  • download from network (+ rename)
  • import from another vault (+ rename if necessary)
    (- compress would be a bonus)
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