Better Absences Dataview Query

Things I have tried

I have created this dataview query

from "Hikmah School/6th Grade/G6 Lesson Plans/G6 Daily/G6 D LP5"
where completed
group by title
group by label

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to group by types of absences and for the lesson that the child missed. I am doing this by my attendance sheet where if I check the students name off they are absent. I then place a tag at the end for the reason of their absence.

  • [ ] Student Name #Sick
  • [ ] Student Name #Appointment

When collected it will tell me the day that they missed based on my daily attendance lesson plan in a running detail through the quarter. I would like it to look like this.
2023-01-07 Ancient Greeks <<Title of .md page
[x] Student Name 2023-01-07 #Sick

I think that # are labels but I don’t know if how I’ve constructed this if it will work.
Is there a better way for me to sort this out. Ultimately I would like a query that shows all of my students absences and for what they missed.

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