Best of 2020 Awards results

Best of 2020 Award results are out! Congrats everyone! :tada: (Link to vote count results)

We’ll be contacting everyone shortly to send our little prizes out. See you at the Best of 2021 Award!


Best theme: Minimal by @kepano

Runner-up: Blue Topaz by @WhyI

Lucky winner*: Obsidianite by @TriDiamond


Best plugin: Sliding Panes by

Runner-up: Calendar by @liam

Lucky winner*: Obsidian Git by @evrwhr


Best graph: KGB_Vault by @websinthe

Runner-up: Santi’s vault by @Santi

Lucky winner*: Connectome by @QuantumNeurotechno


Best story: “I never chose to write, Obsidian made me write” by @base

Runner-up: “From Paper Zettelkasten To Obsidian” by @Santi

Lucky winner*: “Obsidian-made publication at the top journal of my field” by thanks4player

* To ensure fairness, lucky winners are selected by first shuffling the entries and then letting a moderator picking a random number without looking at the entries.