Best method to un-Publish and stop using Publish

What’s the best practice to wind down the Publish service?

Things I have tried

Nothing yet. I’m looking for guidance

What I’m trying to do

I’ve terminated my Publish subscription and want to completely un-Publish everything I’ve put onto Publish’s server(s) with the plugin, so that I can comfortably remove the plugin and know none of my data is hanging out on someone’s server.

Good question.

To remove individual pages, use the command Publish changes, expand the “Unchanged (Select to Unpublish)” tab, and select the pages you want to remove. You should see a “To delete” status show next to your selected items.

To remove an entire site, use the same command. Then, tap the “Select site” button at the top of the Publish changes window.

From there, you can click the “Delete site” button to remove the site.

Anything deleted using these methods will be gone from Obsidian servers within 24 hours. Data from cached third parties (such as Cloudflare, etc.) might take another day or so.

Hope this helps!

Good answer; site deleted. Thanks.

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