Best flow to input handwritten symbols?

Hi all, I am looking to use Obsidian to take better notes for a formal class. This means that I will most likely be writing down statements and then rephrase them using mathematical symbols such as elements of the greek alphabet or arithmetic operators.

I could just type them in using the LaTeX functionality Obsidian offers, however, this slows me down in my note taking.

I have an iPad, I am wondering what is the easiest way to draw something on it and then quickly insert it into an Obsidian page. This way, I could seamlessly write my notes using two different input channels into a single note.

To be clear, I want to render both the text and the drawings side to side. So I’d be alternating between the keyboard and the Apple Pencil but keeping the same view. I have a Macbook too, so I don’t mind typing on the Macbook and ocassionally reaching for the iPad to insert a drawing. I tried using the Excalidraw plug-in, but it doesn’t seem to be ideal for using two input channels simultaneously.

You might find MathPix to be useful but not exactly on point.

This is a very interesting service but I am not necessarily looking for something to convert my hand drawings into LaTeX. I’m OK with inserting just raw drawings into my Obsidian notes!