Best apps to iframe in Obsidian

Does it work for you?

ProWritingAid works wonderfully in an iFrame. Adjust the height and width to your satisfaction. Here’s how I instantiate:


OmniFocus for the web does work in an iframe, although you have to close the left bar for some space. Handy to be able to link to the inbox.

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Notion is terrible

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For software architecture diagrams (previously works perfectly!


SKETCHFAB3D viewer works wonders
Sample of it Embedded on my site
PS is hypermedium

A large number of brownie points to anyone can shed some light on this as it would allow me to embed the Kindle Cloud reader in Obsidian.

I can get Kindle Cloud Reader to show up in iFrame in Obsidian using the standard iFrame code. (Note that you must log in.)

<iframe width="800" height="600" src=""></iframe>

However, there is a Library button that shows up in the browser, Chrome, for example, that does not show up in Obsidian. See screen clips below. Once you get into a book you cannot go back to the Library without this button.

In Chrome:

In Obsidian:

Obsidian 0.12.3
Windows 10 Pro 20H2, OS build 19042.985
Surface Pro 5

Addendum: By exposing the Inspector, I was able to to clear the session and cache re-login to Cloud Reader, getting back to the Library. Can one invoke clearing the session and cache from a Button, perhaps? This would still be cumbersome, of course, but better then opening the inspector each time.

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I find that OF for web steals focus from the rest of the app all the time so I can’t use it. Did you find that as well?

I stopped because the load time was too slow on opening the document.

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I’m successfully interacting with my private Trello content in Obsidian, thanks to @Floran!

His plugin: Convert URL to preview (iframe) has a pop-up that allows me to navigate through the ‘Log in’ process, after which the content previews correctly.

Below is what I’m using for the embed code, but as a noob, I’d be happy for any improvements/suggestions.

Board view

<iframe src="{yoursharelink}" frameBorder="5" width="700" height="700">></iframe>

Single card view

<iframe src="{yoursharelink}" frameBorder="5" width="400" height="420"></iframe>

Search results view§

<iframe src="{yourboardname-url-escaped-noquotemarks}{searchterm-noquotemarks}" frameBorder="5" width="420" height="800"></iframe>



For folks interested in music, I just found, an in-browser ‘text-based microtonal sequencer’. It’s fun to just type in pitches as numbers (or ratios or Hz) – a bit of a time sink. I think each thing gets saved in the url. This is something I was playing around with for example:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="Xenpaper" frameborder="0"></iframe>


This is a neat widget for displaying the weather. (just substitute london for your city)

<iframe src=""></iframe>



How do you do this? No iframe allows me to open my CryptPad files from Obsidian, I have an embedded popup that says something like ‘cannot open pop-up windows’. The only thing it allows me to do is create folders. Would you share the iframe you are using? CryptPad is really awesome

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I created this thread for all those who want to go into detail about iframe in Obsidian for cloud-hosted docs, and collaborative team work in markdown. I hope you like it!

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Not doing anything fancy, its a public available cryptpad (not tied to my account) → we mainly use it to communicate, draft ideas etc.
Honestly, i didnt used cryptpads that much before, and this worked straight out of the box - so i am not sure where i did something “right” =)


Notion does allow iframe

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  1. GTD: dida365: 滴答清单: 一个帮你高效完成任务和规划时间的应用
  2. online document: lark/feishu:
  3. Read it later: cubox:
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ClickUp works very very well in the iFrame.
Allows you to ‘login’ and access all private boards as required.
ClickUp is project management & task management on steroids.


Thanks for this tip; just what I needed!