Be able to copy text from the linked mentions pane

Right now we can drag and drop from the linked mentions pane and it will create a link. Since the new release, we can also see full block of text in the linked mentions pane. Would it be possible to copy a block of text directly from that pane into a note?

So my maybe my, not so wise, workflow goes like this: I dump everything into my daily note, in bullet points and make links, tags there. One idea, one block etc.
So let’s say I’m working on [[project x]]. I write everything connected to that project in my daily notes during a week and link each block of text about this project to [[project x]]. After few weeks I go to [[project x]] page and look at all my linked mentions and write in that note, combine, copy them etc. I find this workflow very frictionless. Accept it would be much easier if instead of going into each “daily notes” note, and copy/cut text from where I referenced [[project x]], I would be able to copy it directly from the “linked mentions” panel.

I know we can make block reference to each block in each daily note but then you would have to edit a block of text in the source note.


I would love something like this as I have the exact same workflow. Did you figure out a way to do this?

I’m currently writing my thesis and the number of times the need to do this has come up is enough that I am replying to this :sweat_smile:

Here, as I was writing, I realized that “hippocampus” notes might be relevant to this.

I scanned through the backlinks for “hippocampus”, and found a specific line I had written in a note for one of the papers in that list of backlinks. You can see I try to select that specific chunk of text, but as you point out, that only lets me insert a link to the paper’s note.

Rather than being able to select and copy that text directly, I had to open that note, scan through to find that sentence, and then copy+paste it to my original note.

:cold_sweat: Whew! I’m surprised I didn’t forget what I was trying to do in the first place!
It’s frustrating because the text is riiight there, yet there are so many steps that I need to take to get that into my working note!

EDIT: Writing this reminded me of this very eloquent comment in another feature request, re: taxing working memory, ADHD.

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