Batch Load

Things I have tried

I Was keeping notes in one file in Affinity Publisher. I copied the pdf file to Scrivener and split into separate foldersm intending each to be a note. I’ve tried copying the 60 note files in raw text, and docx and pdf format and dropping them into obsidian, where I would later linkthem, etc.
Sometimes I get one file sometimes nothing.

Obviouly I don’t understand something.


What I’m trying to do

If you change the extension on the text files from .txt to .md (for Markdown, the text-formatting convention that Obsidian uses), they should work.

If you also want the docx and pdf files but they’re not appearing in the file explorer, go to Settings > Files & Links and enable Detect all file extensions. PDFs can be viewed in Obsidian (but not edited); I think docx can’t (Obsidian will give you an option to open them in another program). This setting will also make txt files visible in the explorer, but you’ll have to open them in another program (unless you use a plugin that changes that).

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