Batch Import MOC

I’ve created a topical list under various heading which I would like to use as my MOC. Is there a way to Batch Import it as Folder-Sub Folder-Topics?

Not sure if I follow. Do you want to create notes out of those links?

Maybe a screenshot would help.

Here is an example of a folder structure in windows file system required to be imported in the vault

Capture1 Capture2

I see. I think you are conflating by two different things (at least from what I’ve understood). MOC around here is a note with a set of links that helps you navigate your vault. I am not aware if any script that generates folders based on a MOC.

What I intened to do inside the vault is maintain the topics as notes outside the folder and maintain subjects as folders & sub folders. Then place links inside the notes to various folder & sub folders. This is because every note may associated with more than one subject.

At least right now, it is not possible to make links to folders. I’ve seen some people do it by using file:// links, but you’d still have to create and maintain those folders and links manually.