Basic Obsidian Sync help required please

Things I have tried

  • I have just purchased Obsidian Sync.
  • On my Mac, I have copied my original vault out of iCloud so it’s not part of any other auto sync.
  • I have opened this new copied version in Obsidian, and turned Obsidian synch on.
  • I have created a new remote vault with exactly the same name as my local vault
  • Files have now transferred fine
  • I have renamed the original iCloud vault to keep as a backup and to stop me getting confused!
  • I open Obsidian on my iPad… The only options I see now are “How to setup sync”, “Create new vault” and links to iCloud renamed vault (the backup one)

If I select How to setup sync it takes me to the help files.
How do I get to open Obsidian to be able to link it to my new remote vault?


Sorted it - hurrah! For those who may be as stupid as me, all you need to do when on secondary devices is to create a new vault. I called it exactly the same name (just in case). Then I turned on sync. This asked me to sign in. Then I could see my available vaults to sync with. Selected the vault of the same name and away I went. I made sure NOT to select the option Sync with iCloud. All currently synching (hopfully) fine.

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