Basic help with Dataview

Hi folks. New here and to Obsidian. I have a vault that contains, among others, a folder called “Articles of Note”. I want to make a simple Dataview query such as:

List from "Articles of Note"

But, instead of getting a list of the notes in that folder I get a “Dataview: No results to show for list query.” error. Happens if I leave off the quotes around the note name too. Everyone else seems to have success with this. What simple thing am I doing wrong please?

Articles of Note is the full path for your folder?

FROM "Articles of Note"

works if Articles of Note is a first level folder… If a nested folder, need to be write in this way `FROM “folder/Articles of Note”… and so on…

Thanks so much. Really appreciate the assistance. Worked. More dumb questions incoming, no doubt :0(

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