Basic but lacking: links between neighbors

I absolutely need mentions( words in [[]]) which are neighbors( means: sitting in a single block of a note/file/page) be linked together but as I see there isn’t such an important feature.
I explained the above paragraph in the following images graphically:
this is our file:

and this is the local graph which Obsidian shows:

as you see there is no link between [[word]]s in a block.
I need somethin like this:

Added explanation: I need this behavior while journaling, each paragraph/block of my journal is dedicated to a specific subject, in the block some [[word]]s will be referenced, actually they are linked, they are connected but Obsidian do not know them connected.
I know in the local graph I can deepen the relationship depth but it does not see the blocks, it bring all references linked to parent file( 2022-06-28) not just the references in the specific block which current file sits.