Bad URL label escaping on paste, and inconsistent opening of external links

Steps to reproduce

  • Copy the first paragraph from here
  • Paste into a note

Expected result

  • I would expect the link labelled [1] to be properly escaped, into [\[1\]](url)
  • I would expect when CTRL+clicking the principal component analysis link in edit mode to take me to the proper place, as it does in preview mode.

Actual result

  • the [1] link becomes an internal link, followed by a URL wrapped in parens: [[1]](url)
  • Clicking the principal component analysis in edit mode takes me here instead of here like it does on preview mode.


  • Operating system: Manjaro GNOME on Wayland, copying the text from the Vivaldi browser
  • Obsidian version:
    0.12.15 (installer version 0.12.12) from flathub

Additional information

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