Bad hightlight a searched paragrph in Preview mode

When I search for a line

/- \[ \] \#MOJE.*/

In Edit mode I got a paragraph highlighted where it exists. This is proper behavior.

When I am searching the mentioned pattern in Preview mode, a highlight is expanding in
uncontrolled way and highlight cover many more paragraphs.

It makes this unusable for my use case ( I am searching for a [ ] elements )

Search in preview highlights the whole markdown block not just the line. I am not sure there’s anything strange here other than how things work.

If it’s something differnt post a screenshot.

I think that this is an issue.

For me, the behavior of functions should be consistent in Edit and Preview modes. Right now this is confusing.

In my scenario, I create some ToDo in many files. I Would like to have a possibility to find them all and during for example 1:1 meeting after a discussion I would like to have an easy way to mark it as done. In the preview mode, this is just one mouse click. in the edit mode, I need to find it, click between square brackets, delete a space, and enter a x char.

I am not sure I understand you.
Let me try again.

  • Search in editor, highlights the row.
  • Search in preview, highlights the respecive markdown block (which can be more than a row).

If you want search in preview to highlight at a finer level, search/open a feature request.

If you have another problem, try to attach some screenshot to explain what it is.