Bad handling of white lines after Math in Live Preview


The Live Preview mode does not render white lines correctly around “$$ \math $$”.

Steps to reproduce

The following text is not rendered in the same way in the preview mode and in the live preview mode.

We can thus write the following

\frac{\mathbb{E}[e^{x_t(\beta-\gamma)}]}{\mathbb{E}[e^{x_t \beta_t}]}&= \frac{e^{(\beta_t-\gamma)\mu t +0.5 (\beta_t-\gamma)^2\sigma^2 t}}{e^{\beta_t\mu t+0.5\beta^2 \sigma^2 t}}

Substituting and simplifying, we get…"

Expected result

→ The white lines around the math part should be invisible in Live Preview (as they are in the normal preview mode). Typora handles this correctly.

Sorry, but I disagree. We are not going to change this.

Well this at least create a bug because if you write something like this

some text
\sum_{t=0}^{\infty} u(c_t) …
some more text
Then, under the math will not be shown properly under usual preview mode and an error will be displayed. The live preview and the normal preview modes are thus not coherent.