Backup without locking up or causing errors

I set up my mobile sync to be on Obsidian Sync and moved it away from dropbox so that I didn’t cause errors. I would like to have an additional method to back up my vault besides Obsidian Sync. Does anyone have a method that will keep me from corrupting things?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

What operating systems? macOS?

For the record, Dropbox et al. are not backup services. Do not assume that something stored on a cloud sync service is backed up.

A backup should be a copy of your files stored away from your files. A good backup strategy might be to regularly copy your files to an external harddrive and less regularly to an offsite storage. I use a Keyboard Maestro macro for the former and Backblaze for the latter.

Love it. Makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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