Backup alternative to Obsidian Sync supporting file versioning

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Currently, the only two options for using mobile and backup your notes are Obsidian Sync or iCloud Drive. Since iCloud doesn’t support file versioning, and is known for colliding with Git, it would be great to have a non-paid alternative that supports file versioning to backing up notes while using mobile.


Agreed… I have my Vault in a git repository and run gitwatch ( gitwatch · GitHub) on that directory - it makes a commit when files change, which is what I want.

I tried a setup of having my Vault in iCloud with the .git directory outside of iCloud and couldn’t get gitwatch to work. I quit messing with it when I started getting sync issues in iCloud… just went back to my normal setup.

Really wish we could have something that would use Working Copy or similar on the mobile device for syncing.

I expect we’ll get there :slight_smile:

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As of v0.0.14 you can now use Working Copy over your Obsidian vault as a Git repo for version control. Additionally, you can always setup backup and/or version control on your vault on your desktop/laptop, should you use iCloud or Obsidian Sync to synchronize your notes to it.

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