Backspace deletes only last character of highlighted text on Android

Steps to reproduce

  1. Highlight some text in a note
  2. Hit backspace

Expected result

All highlighted text is deleted

Actual result

Only the last character is deleted


  • Operating system: Android 12
  • Debug info:
    Login status: not logged in
    Live preview: off
    Legacy editor: on
    Base theme: dark
    Community theme: none
    Snippets enabled: 0
    Safe mode: on
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I can’t reproduce this.

Post a screen recording.

This is a problem with lists, for example. Try highlighting this and hit backspace:

Hit backspace how? with the virtual keyboard (which one?) or do you have a physical keyboard attached?

Soft keyboard. GBoard (the Google one). On a Samsung A72 if that helps.

Also seems to be a problem for frontmatter sections (i.e. --- followed by Yaml)

Yes It is a common problem. I also have the same. You mean you can’t delete all selected text of a list at once. I hope this will explain the problem. If I am wrong please correct it.

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Thanks it happens only when the text is selected and light blue/green bubble are present.

does it happen in source mode?
does it happen here

Yes. If you looked closely at my screenshot above you would have noticed the **bolded text** with the *'s showing.


This may be fixed in Obsidian Mobile v1.3