Backlinks show less content arrows

Use case or problem

Sometimes, I want to show more context on some backlinks.
Sometimes, I missclick the “show more context” and would like to come back, and show less, but I can’t (no arrow for this).

Proposed solution

When we choose to show more context by using the arrows, additional arrows appear to show less content.

Current workaround (optional)

If you want to show less, you can click on “show more context” 2 times. However, you lose all the work you’ve previously done on the display of the backlinks.

Related feature requests (optional)

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What do you mean by this? What resets, besides the context level?

Edit: I understand. The note-specific expansion resets, so if you’ve increased context in specific directions on specific notes you lose that progress.

So, you want a “reduce context in this direction” arrow on each specific note, too.

Yes that’s it!

Alternative Proposed solution: While user holds Shift key, reverse display and behavior of keys. It would be consistent e.g. with Tab vs Shift+Tab to (un)indent text.

normal with shift
context ^ context v
backlink backlink
context v context ^

Motivation is not to clutter the UI more. For beginners the info could be in the tooltip on hover which would be in appropriate cases (i.e. while context is expanded) changed from “Show more context” to:

Click to show more context. 
Shift+Click to show less context.

I think simply showing more arrows might be more user-friendly. The “shift” command would be hard to find for beginners.

I found a couple raw solutions. The first was the command “Backlinks: Show backlinks for the current file”, which opens them on another pane. Also, following the principle of “turn it off and on again” I disabled the Backlinks plugin in the Core plugin settings and then enabled it agai. The panel went back to the default short view.
That being said, I absolutely agree with your proposed solution, it would be super useful to be able to expand and reduce the context - ideally differently for the single backlinks but it would be just fine even if it worked on all of them.