Backlinks Panel on 0.10.6


I noticed that all the linked mentions and unlinked mentions did not show up at the backlinks panel.



I am moving this to help. In the future please follow the bug report template.

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Noted and will read the bug report template.

Anyone has the same problem at backlinks panel?

Link Mentions
I have created a link to another note, and there is a link on the graph but did not show up at the backlink panel.

Unlinked Mentions
I tried to double check the unlinked mentions also cannot work.

I’m not sure of the problem, I tried with the Obsidian version 0.10.1 and 0.10.6.

can you post some screenshots?

Hi WhiteNoise,

After restarting my PC then it works now. I’m sorry to trouble you. Could you delete this thread?

Thank you