Backlinks not filtering tasks correctly

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a file
  2. Create a second file, make it have a checklist item (- [ ]) with a reference to the first file:
    eg: - [ ] An item to be done for [[first file name]]
  3. Add another checklist item with a reference to the first file, this time with the - [x] to mark it as done.
  4. Open the first file. Open the backlinks. You should see two tasks listed in the “Linked mentions” section
  5. Try to filter using task-todo:"" and task-done:""

Expected result

I expected the tasks to filter according to the task status filter

Actual result

The tasks do not filter


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.1

Additional information

A similar issue occurs when I try to use regex instead to search for open tasks. The search that works fine in the search pane, doesn’t work in the backlinks filter pane:

This is not really a bug. The search on the backlinks pane operates on a file level.
I quoting Licat:

Basically, for each file, we run the filter query and see if matches or not (but we don’t extract any block/section/task information from the query), then if it matches we render all backlinks in that file.

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