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Hello everyone,

I just started to use Obsidian for literature review and I’m enjoying it. One issue I have is having backlinks inside a block quote. My current workflow is: start a page with a summary of a paper, then quote several blocks from this paper summary page into a theory summary page. This theory summary page will then have quotes from various papers.

This workflow works well except for the backlinks. The backlinks inside the block quote won’t connect the summary page where the block quote locate to the backlink page.

For example, the screenshot below is a block quote on page A. Currently, the page “Locke & Latham, 2019” is backlinked to the page “expectancy theory”, but page A is not linked to the page expectancy theory on the graph-view.

Is there an easy way for me the link page A to all the backlinks inside the block quotes?

Thank you for your help in advance !!

Pardon me, I took the liberty of renaming your topic just to make it clearer. There is a difference between an embedded block and a blockquote.

(I don’t know if there is a way to pick up those embedded trancluded links.)

![[This embeds or trancludes a link or a block]]

A block is any section of text surrounded by blank lines.

> This is a blockquote, which is basic Markdown syntax.

Thank you!

This is exactly what I’m looking to do too.

It makes sense for actual embeds, not just simple backlinks. I’m not sure why you’d embed a note with backlinks if you did not want the emcompassing note to contain the same backlinks. But an option to toggle this setting on or off would be great if there’s a preference for the other way for some reason.

For me, it should behave like a subset. That would make it so much easier to create notes built from blocks of other notes, in a meaningful way.

Is there anyone looking at this idea at all?

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