Backlinks, forward links, graph view

Forward links ala backlinks in the sidebar

separate back links and forward link arrows in graph view

Probability Theory uses Measure Theory which is a strict subset of Math.


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This exactly. I would prefer having
Color code for

  • Orphan notes
  • incoming and outgoing linkages
  • neighbour nodes, neighbour linkage
  • non existent files,

There could be an option to right click on the radio button , which generates a colour picker!

I’m thinking of moving this to the archive, given that most of this was implemented in 0.9.0. For forward links in the side pane, please follow and support Show a list of the current note's outgoing links in the link pane

@Kuncy I’m not sure if you’re referring to the graph or the editor, but some of those are already available. Could you open a new feature request with the new template ?