Backlinks always generate wikilinks instead of follow the setting of "file and links" option

Even if I uncheck the wikilinks style option (and it works with inserting or drag/drop file links), when creating a link from an unlinked mention on backlinks pane, it always create a wiki links.
I use Epsilon notes on Android, and it doesn’t recognize wilki link.
Could you please make Obsidian follow the main option in all ways of creating links ?
Thank you

please search before posting and use the bug report temaplate

A post was merged into an existing topic: Links created using the “unlinked mentions” section do not comply with the settings for links

Sorry (as English is not my native langage, I failed to found, even if I did try to search).
That said, is it a bug or an expected behavior ?

I linked this to the old bug report.