Backlinking is adding "[[[[" instead of "[["

Things I have tried

I have searched through the documentation, but cannot find anywhere that suggests that it is normal for my intended backlinks to get four “[” instead of two.

What I’m trying to do

I am still new to Obsidian, but nothing I have come across suggets that my backlinking shouldnt work. I have created a note and I am trying to backlink my new note to the first. It does not seem to want to and when I use the sidebar links, it adds more “[” than should be needed and doesnt actually seem to link. I have posted a screenshot here for reference.

I think you misunderstood the meaning of “backlinks”. You are not actively creating a backlink - a “backlink” is nothing more than an information that there exists another note that contains a link to your currently active note. Read the documentation for backlinks.

Additionally, in your screenshot, you are not working with the backlinks pane but with outgoing links. If you have already typed [[100tracs]] in your note and then link it again to another note, it will certainly add two more [[.

Actually, the “—” before and after this preamble information, was creating a conflict. Once I removed these the backlinking was able to work without issue.

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