Back/Forward Buttons Hidden in Full Screen Mode

Steps to reproduce

Enter full screen mode

Expected result

Back and Forward Buttons still available at the top left corner of the window

Actual result

Back/Forward Buttons are hidden even when hovering up to view the top bar. (The bar moving down seems to be a screenshot bug with macOS.)


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version:v 0.10.1

there should be not top bar in full screen mode at all.

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When in fullscreen mode, there isn’t a top bar unless one moves the mouse up to view the window options, like close or exit fullscreen.

I was just making a point that the backward forward buttons could not be found on the top bar while in full screen mode, which is where they are located in windowed mode.
And they can’t be found anywhere else in fullscreen mode.

I understand, we won’t fix this (the back/forward not visible in fullscreen mode)

Ok, no prob, thank you very much for all your work on Obsidian, really loving it!

@WhiteNoise, sorry to raise a dead bug, but I just discovered that when another vault is opened from a full-screen vault, the back and forward buttons are visible together with the top bar in the new vault window that has been opened. Would it be possible to make this standard behaviour when making a window fullscreen? Or remove it so it is standardised?



I use full screen mode all the time and I am really missing the backward/forward buttons…


use the mouse extra buttons gestures or set some keyboard shortcuts

Hello - wanted to see if adding the back/forward buttons to Mac fullscreen mode is being considered? On a PC, full screen mode keeps the buttons in the top left where on a Mac they are nowhere to be found. These buttons are really helpful when navigating across many folders during note taking.

One solution could be placing the back/forward buttons in the same space as the other navigational icons (screenshot).

Otherwise if this is not being considered, thank you for the wonderful software. Really enjoying using it.