Back and foward buttons

I think it will be super useful to have some arrow keys for go back to the previous page, like we have in a web browser.
Sometimes I just want to check something on a link and then go back to the main page i was.


For now, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl/Cmd-Alt ←/→ to navigate back and forward. An optional button/toolbar with these and other buttons would be nice of course.


Back and forward buttons (and hotkeys) that are specific to a particular side panel would be very helpful.

That way we get a back/next navigation just like each tab in the browser has its own independent history.

The current navigate back and forward behaviour is useful in specific situations, but doesn’t make it possible to go back in a specific panel (and have the risk that you ‘override’ the other panels).


Back and Forward buttons for history navigation are very much needed. They work quicker than my keyboard.

To me Command/Ctrl + O is a better approach, because I prefer keyboard than mouse when using the editor, but this would still be a very useful feature.

A back button is quicker than the keyboard shortcut, when I am clicking around notes.

Totally agree. It helps you navigate throu the information

Buttons are implemented since Obsidian Release v0.8.13

We’ve added buttons for navigating backward/forward on the top left of the app.

The only part missing is request for scope restriction to active pane history.
Edit: newly requested in: Restrict back/forward to active pane

strange, the buttons disappeard again some days or weeks ago. Is this possible? I can’t find an option to show them again.

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Now they appear to be only in the “Tab title bar”, which I think it’s quite a terrible idea. It would be great if there was an easy way to move them to the actual top bar of the window, near the big “+” button. That would maintain functionality without introducing visual clutter

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