Aww, dammit, tablet mode doesn't work (on Pixel slate)!

I have honestly been waiting my entire life for something like Obsidian. Every few years I go online and look around for the right kind of database for all of my notes and research. There’s never anything that looks good, practical, or that comes with a default Dark theme. So I was pretty excited to find out about Obsidian.

I’ve also been using my pixel slate on a cushion in my lap in its silicone turtle case and have become addicted to the freedom of not having to deal with a keyboard. I love this thing. But it has two modes of operation, when the keyboard is attached it’s a conventional laptop but when the tablet is detached, it is in tablet mode which has its own limitations.

It didn’t occur to me that running a Linux app in Chrome OS wouldn’t have tablet mode available. But it doesn’t. I don’t get my keyboard when I select a text field in Obsidian. Which means I’ll have to use it at my desk and not sitting or reclining comfortably. Crap, I’m really bummed. I understand the why of it, I’m just bummed.

If anyone knows of a Linux solution for tablet mode, please let me know, but I doubt such a thing exists. Thanks anyway. I guess I’m still looking forward to it but I really wanted to move my whole workflow into reclining chairs and sofas…
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I am not familiar with ChromeOS nor tablet mode, but you may want to open a feature request for this to be supported.