AutoSort Plugin: extract note contents into files in associated folders automatically

Hello, friends.

Many thanks to Obsidian developers and their plugins and to the whole community. You can’t imagine how much you have improved my life through the collaborative effort you have put into Obsidian.

I would like to suggest you a plugin idea. I think other people might be interested in it.

I use the Official Obsidian Daily Notes Plugin. Every day, I write a bunch of notes and separate them by H3 header. These notes are creative ideas I come up with for animations.

Those animations have a separate folder in my vault, but I have to go daily note by note, one by one, doing “Extract this heading…” command and I admit it’s a bit tedious.

Now I have a lot of notes to sort and I can’t get it done. So I have been some weeks thinking if I could propose to you plugin developers a plugin for it.

This plugin allows the user to automatically extract and copy the contents of various headers from one or more notes, and put them into default folders with the header name or path.

There would be a way to automate the header name to take the extractions/copies to a specific folder in the vault.


  1. The user types text inside an Obsidian note, for example, the daily note ‘’, under the H3 heading ‘### Briefing Ideas’.
  2. The user configures the plugin in the control panel so that the text ‘Briefing Ideas’ with H3 header gets automatically associated with the path ‘Vault/Design/’.
  3. The user selects or right-clicks on the ‘### Briefing Ideas’ header of his daily note, and applies the ‘AutoSort’ command.
  4. The plugin extracts the content within the heading into a note with the name ‘[original title]_[timestamp]’ into a folder ‘[original title]’ within the original path ‘Vault/Design/’.

There would be different commands so they could be key binded and added to Obsidian’s bar natively.

  • AutoSort Extract Selection
  • AutoSort Extract Today’s Daily Note

In the plugin configuration panel, the following options could be configured and automated.

Action type

  • Extraction (extract with hyperlink)
  • Copy (extract without hyperlink)
  • Move (extract without hyperlink)


  • Manual
  • Automated every X time (e.g. at the end of the day).


  • Use command on a selection
  • Use command on the whole file
  • Use command on several files
  • Use command on all files of a folder
  • Use command within Daily Notes path


  • Single note with multiple headers (Destination path/Single file)
  • Folder with multiple notes (Destination path/Subfolder/Miscellaneous files)

What to do after extraction

  • Delete source note
  • Open resulting notes

Nomenclature for files and paths (with wildcards)

  • List of associations. They would be set between header type, header names and destination path variables. (e.g. Header ‘H3’ - Text ‘briefing’ - Path ‘Vault/Design/[header_title]’
  • List of ‘Source Paths’, if automation is ON (e.g. automatically AutoSort all files in path ‘Vault/Notes/’.
  • List of ‘Destination Paths’ (Destination paths, subfolder names, new file names with wildcards.

That’s it.

If you have any questions or anything I typed here is confusing, please let me know. I can draw some diagram so it’s easier to read.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to explain well the ideas ^^U

Thanks for reading me and have a nice day.