Autopin All Notes by Default

Use case or problem

Every time I open a note, click a link, create a note etc. I can say that I am always taken by surprise :slight_smile: I have NO idea where it will pop up. Sometimes it’s the current tab, sometimes its one over, sometimes it is in that little split down in one corner, and sometimes its a new panel. It’s become a game. Just before I hit enter or click, I look around and try and guess where the file will open. Sometimes I’m right. More often than not, I’m wrong. Sometimes comically so :slight_smile: – as I stare at the panel where I’m expecting the note to appear and find myself outwitted again.

(I’m not upset or bitter or frustrated about this. I know there are threads about this, and I know the devs are working on this and trying things out, like the last update that was rolled back.)

My FR is more of a “in the mean time” thing …

Proposed solution

I don’t know what the actual fix should be let alone whether or not it can be implemented. I think we’ll get there eventually, either through Obsidian developments or through me just learning the convention (I really think it’s unpredictable now though :rofl: )
My own prejudice would suggest that we follow e.g., NeoVim or VSCodes models for organization and management of the real estate, but as I noted – I’m letting the dev’s take the wheel on this one :slight_smile:

My FR on the other hand is related to the work-around below, i.e., pinned notes. It would really help to have a toggle that autopinned every note automatically. I believe this will really help most folks who are facing difficulties as well.

Current workaround (optional)

If all notes are pinned, then suddenly everything becomes predictable. I know exactly where the note will open based on my current tab and view. I suspect that many who are finding the current ergonomics confusing will also find this more comfortable even if clunky (requiring unpinning before closing, for e.g.) simply because of the consistency in response.

Work Around to the Work Around

A hot-key bound to pin/unpin the note. Just have to remember to use to always.

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I think you should summarize the actions of OB after clicking on a link in various situations. For example, in reading mode, left-clicking, holding down Ctrl and clicking, and holding down Ctrl+Alt and clicking. There is a fixed logic to them, and the current logic is quite good. If you become familiar with the rules, you won’t have the confusion you mentioned before.