Automation of Annotator

Hey ya, im new to obsidian and have some questions about the annotator plugin: when adding a pdf to my vault, i have to create a new note with only

annotation-target: folder/filename.pdf

in it, to be able to choose „annotate“ in the options menu and then to read and annotate the pdf.

What I’m trying to do

Isnt this process automatable? Like: i add a pdf to some folder of my vault and automatically a subfolder named „pdf“ is created where the pdf is beeing moved to and the annotater note is created like described above and stored to the folder instead of the pdf. The icing on the cake would be an extraction of the metadata (author, title, …) which are then writen into the note. Renaming the pdf to the title and doing the same to the note would be great too.
And furthermore, if i link the annotator note to another note an click that link, it would be great, if the pdf would be opened in annotator directly instead of the annotator note.
Btw, im working on an iPad, so unfortunately Zotero isnt an option :smiling_face_with_tear:

Things I have tried

Searched the forum, posted the question to the obsidian discord.
Downloaded Templater and try to understand the documentation (im even not shure, if Templater could accompish what im trying to do).

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