Automating synchronizing of .obsidian folder between multiple vaults, risky?

Things I have tried

Copying manually. Very straightforward, Works fine.
Will automating this cause problems?

What I’m trying to do

I’d like changes made to the .obsidian folder in Vault A to be copied regularly to the .obsidian folder in Vault B.

I can make a script to do this, just wondering if there is any risk, like potential data loss, in automating it.

I’m not sure what are you trying to achieve, are your vaults in different devices?
I can share my experience with that.
I have two vaults (pc and mobile) , I sync all the folder through SyncTrazor automatically when they are in the same network. If I open both vault at the same time and make changes that needs to sync, it shows a “workspace - conflict” other than that it’s been fine.

Is the B vault a backup? If so I have my main vault on the iCloud so I’m able to work from any of my devices. My second vault (backup) is on GitHub and I use Git Commit to push changes to my backup once a day.

I had a colleague get a ransom ware attack a few years ago. We were sharing a Dropbox folder and all of the shared documents were encrypted including the local folders on my computers. Since then I haven’t used an automated script for my backups. It’s not much help to backup corrupt files.

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