Automatically send tasks to your task-system

Any updates on this? I’ve been tinkering with todo.txt and see a lot of possibilities for it to work with Obsidian

It sort of works? It’s still a bit janky if you get it to do too many items at once (need to see if this is still true in base script), and it sometimes mucks up newlines, this can be fixed in script or through a PStodotxt patch potentially. I’ve been busy with a lot of other stuff recently. I’m possibly going to do a bit of a rewrite soon to see if I can address these issues. If anyone is better than powershell than me I can chuck it up on github for you to look at.

I saw this come up the other day, dunno if it helps your use case

Same question here. Any news about todo.txt ?

Did you use this for now ? It’s stable ?

Another very basic trick with Taswarrior.
You create a “” file in your vault. You make this file executable

chmod +x

Edit the file by putting one command per line. You can put it in a panel to have it always at hand.

Execute the file “”. All the tasks are added at once. You can created an alias.

sh /home/me/