Automatically select/highlight an entire word when partly selecting it

Word (Office 365) has this by default and I find it to be really useful: when you start selecting text with your mouse and partly selects a word, when continuing to select a chunk of text, that first partly selected word is entirely selected.

This only works when selecting chunks of text and not a single word.

Also, when selecting more text, Word selects in a word-basis instead of character-basis. I’m not sure if I find this to be mass appealing, but my first point stands. I wish I could upload a video so it’s clearer.


You could make a video then convert that video to a GIF and post the GIF :slightly_smiling_face:

In Obsidian you can double-click to select an entire word. Or you can triple-click to select the entire paragraph.

But what is missing in Obsidian is ctrl & click to select an entire sentence. And also the function of double-clicking outside a paragraph to select the entire paragraph. Here is what is missing in Obsidian that the original poster is referring to, visible from minute 39 in this video:

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Indeed, but you can’t “click+hold+drag select” with your mouse after “click select” right? You have to hold shift+arrow on your keyboard. Here’s what I mean by “select by words” instead of “select by characters”.

I understand that this is useful for people who use Obsidian as word processors (there are cases where starting from an specific character is hella useful), it’s just something I find to be nice and useful on Word and I miss on Obsidian.


True, thanks! Here’s what I mean:

Notice how, even if you select 2 characters from a previous word, when dragging that select the previous word is selected. It allows for faster “click and drag” selections.

Also, after selecting a couple words, every selection thereafter is on a word basis, not character basis. It makes selection faster and more precise IMO.