Automatically rename pasted media

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What I’m trying to do

Automatically rename a pasted image based on a specific naming convention

For example the most recent image I just pasted or inserted into obsidian should be renamed to IMAGE {{current date and time: YYYY-MM-DD-HH-mm}}

If I paste a GIF it should be the same thing except GIF instead of IMAGE

In other words when an image is inserted into obsidian it is named on default to the local file name (i.e random image.png) but the question here is how can I get it to be automatically renamed into: IMAGE 2023-06-17-19-39

This is so that any media inserted into obsidian will be organically organised based on file name which is broken into type (image or gif etc) + time of insertion. Renaming manually is tedious when using media frequently in notes

Things I have tried

There was a plug-in that claimed to be able to rename notes with some automation but it hasn’t been updated in almost half a year and seems to be currently inept

Using Paste Image Rename. The plugin was made to work also on my preferred platform (tablet) as well. The configuration features are good enough, I cannot complain. Kudos to the developer.

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