Automatically link to unlinked documents

Things I have tried

i looked for this on the forum but couldn’t find anything. i’m new here, but would love some insight.

What I’m trying to do

if i have doc [xyz] that lists, i don’t know, 20 unlinked documents, i would like to easily link all of those unlinked documents so just press one button instead of link 20 times. is that possible? it seems like it must be, so i’m sorry if i’m missing it.

The latest insider version, soon to be released publicly, adds a new plugin which allows exactly that. While it doesn’t give you a button to add links for all the names but you get a button for each individual doc to make it a link. It should be much faster than making links manually, especially because it works with both doc names and aliases pretty well.

cool! can i access this version or no?

Sure. It should be released soon. If you want to test it right away and support the app’s development, you can buy the catalyst plan, details here.

thanks for this! wondering if there’s any plan to automatically link all the names? for some of my links, there are a ton - like 200 - with person X’s name. going through and doing it manually takes a ton of time, though the new layout is helpful. i know the point is to connect notes together as the exercise of learning the information, but sometimes, like with a character’s name for example, clicking link 200 times is just not efficient. any chance that will be available at some point?

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