Automatically determine filetype

Use case or problem

I recently imported about 1000 notes from Apple Notes. Many hundreds of the attachments lacked extensions and were properly displayed in AN but not inline in Obsidian. After figuring out the file type from the encoding (using ‘file’ on a Mac, took less than a second for hundreds of files), I added the extensions and inline display worked. It would be super cool if Obsidian could smartly figure out file type without requiring the correct extension.

Proposed solution

Obsidian seems to figure out file type from the extension. But there are tools for Mac, Linux, and Windows that can figure out encoding just by examining the file, using a list of defining characteristics of various file types. Is there a plugin for Obsidian that leverages these to enable inline attachment display for files with missing or incorrect file extensions?

Current workaround (optional)

On Linux and Mac, ‘file’ is a built in tool that very quickly figures out file encoding for many formats. A quick google suggests something similar also exists for Windows. Obsidian could either leverage these or implement something similar.