Automatically copy or embed Chapters to internally linked Notes

Hello dear Obsidian community,
I’m currently searching for a solution for this workflow.

Usually, when having a meeting or taking notes in other contexts, I generate a unique note like for example 2022-12-19 Meeting about Bananas and others

The note contains metadata relevant to the meeting, participants, tags, etc. and various content to different subjects, seperated by headings (as ## subject 1, ## subject 2 etc.)

Now I would like to automatically embed or copy all content that has been written in a Chapter to it’s relevant note - if the heading is also an internal link to a parent note of the subject.

For example, in the note 2022-12-19 Meeting about Bananas and others
there is a Chapter ## [[Bananas]] (with an internal link to the Note “Bananas”) and another Chapter Apples (without internal link, as this is not a relevant project)

I would like to copy all content within the chapter ## [[Bananas]] unter the note “Bananas”. Manually, this is no problem. Just copy and paste it – or embed the chapter. But this is tideous, unreliably, as occasionally, I don’t have time or patience to attribute each chapter manually to its relevant note.

So I’m looking for a workflow that

  • I can run each time I conclude a meeting note or other that contain different subjects
  • that checks if one or more heading have an internal link, and if so,
  • embeds or copy the content belonging to that heading automatically to the bottom of the relevant, linked note.

Do you know any approach to solve this - or a relevant plugin maybe?

Thank you so much for any idea

All the best

In general trying to get stuff out another note which is not in a field or list, makes the whole task a lot harder. With that in mind I set out to suggest something which could be useful, and achieve your goal.

Example of meeting reference
## f50043 Meeting summaries

## Item 1: Non fruit related
Boring stuff

### Item 2: Oranges are orange?
Are that the true color of oranges?

## Item 3: What's up with bananas

summary:: This is easy to write, but it's not related to the [[Banana]] entry directly...

## Item 3: Apples are green, or yellow, or ...

John argued a lot that green apples are not correct, whilst Mary said only pink ladies are red?!

summary:: [[Apples]],  A rather long summary on the color of apples, or something else. Sadly, it has this ugly bracket on the end...

summary:: There were loads of confusion as to whether [[Banana]]'s or [[Apples]] were legally yellow both of them!?

Given a summary:: inline field in your meeting reference, and a link to your fruit of choice, you could have a query in the end document like the following:

LIST text FROM "ForumStuff/f50043"
FLATTEN summary as text
WHERE summary and contains(text,

Which would lift the text in the summary field if, and only if, it also contains the filename of the current note.

Caveats: This might not work properly with aliased links, and it does pick up on text matching the file names.

On the bright side, it gives you a proper tool for lifting the text neatly out of the meeting reference, and you can summarise the (usually) long and tedious way towards the conclusion, whilst still allowing for the link between the two notes to get the entire discussion if needed.

This solution could possible also be refined a little, if it almost meet your needs.

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Thanks, I will give it a try!

I realized that the “Note Refactor” Plugin does almost! what I would like to achive. The only difference is that it is

  • destructive to the original Note (but that can be fixed by Undoing the modification in the meeting note)
  • copying the content under the heading of the original Note. Which means that the “Banana” note would everytime get a new sub-heading with the name of “Banana” instead of a reference to the origin of the content.

The quest goes on :slight_smile:

Another update :
The “Note refactor” Plugin almost gets to the solution.
This way, the Meeting note can be split by the 2nd or 3rd level heading. The content gets copied under the respective parent note, and the content gets pasted again in the Meeting not, thus not destructing it. The only issue is that it also copyis the link to the Meeting note, so that it is self referencing under each chapter.

2022 Meeting about Bananas

2022 Meeting about Bananas
Content about Bananas
But that’s almost it!

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